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Shampoo Against Hair Loss

by on Jan 18, 2023

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What does a hair growth shampoo need to comply with?

To stimulate hair growth, you can switch to a mild shampoo against hair loss. This does not take much effort and ultimately brings you great pleasure. It is important that you choose a shampoo with ingredients that stimulate your hair growth. But which ingredients are these? Caffeine, Rosemary oil, Ketoconazole, Piroctone Olamine, Ecklonia cava (Brownweed) extract, Procyanidin B2 and Niacinamide. Protein also strengthens your hair; when this is in your shampoo, your hair is less likely to break down. So go for a mild shampoo with protein and ingredients that stimulate your hair growth.  

Effect of a hair growth shampoo

After buying a new shampoo, you are naturally curious about its effects. The effect is different for each person. When there is incipient hair loss, the shampoo works well against hair loss. It will inhibit the loss and possibly give some regrowth. When hair loss is severe, it is common to use a supplement or lotion in addition to the shampoo. We have in our range supplements from Neofollics for thicker, longer and healthier hair. Our lotion from Neofollics also adds volume to the hair. Combine them with a hair growth shampoo for best results. 

What is the best shampoo against hair loss?

The best shampoos against hair loss is from Neofollics. The shampoos contain ingredients that are proven to be effective against hair loss. These brands have looked at scientific evidence for effectiveness and consumer experience stories. Therefore, the shampoos in our range have been selected accordingly. Check them all out and find the shampoo that suits you best.

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