Neofollics Anti-Hair Loss Lotion - with 7% Neoxyl

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Product Description

Neofollics' lotion is ideal for every man and woman who:

  1. Suffer from unwanted hair loss
  2. More volume in the hair to obtain
  3. Want to combat the decline of the hairline

The Neofollics Lotion is a powerful tool made to combat hair loss and stimulate hair growth. The lotion contains a combination of 10 science-based ingredients that address hair loss in multiple ways.

Neofollics lotion is suitable for both men and women. The lotion is for a targeted treatment against hair loss. The lotion can stimulate new hair growth and combat hair loss. The active ingredients make the hair thicker and fuller. It contains a combination of 10 active ingredients that address hair loss in a multiple way including Adenosine, Vividine and Aminexil. The lotion is dermatologically tested, non-greasy, leaves no residue and is therefore pleasant to use.

  • Hair growth molecules Adenosine, Vividine and Aminexil
  • Six powerful plant extracts including Ecklonia cava and Raspberry ketone
  • Hyaluronic acid and Liposomes for effective absorption into the scalp

Neoxyl hair growth complex

The improved Neofollics hair growth stimulating lotion contains 7% Neoxyl. This is a hair growth complex, or combination of active ingredients. Each active ingredient has been selected based on scientific research to address hair loss in multiple ways. Further details on the composition of Neoxyl are provided below.

  • Vividine: stimulates beard growth in multiple ways. Vividine provides potassium channel opening (PCO), much like minoxidil. This causes the hair to enter the growth phase faster and also makes the growth phase last longer. Vividin also stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles, allowing nutrients to better reach the follicle.
  • Aminexil: prevents the hardening of collagen around the hair root, allowing the hair root to anchor itself more firmly in the scalp and reducing hair loss.
  • Adenosine: research shows that applying a solution of Adenosine to the scalp can provide improved hair growth in both men and women. Compared to Minoxidil, users are more satisfied with Adenosine in combating hair loss. And unlike Minoxidil, Adenosine has no side effects.

Plant extracts

The plant extracts in the lotion have a positive effect on hair growth in several ways. An important mechanism of action is the inhibition of di-hydrotestosterone (DHT). The accumulation of di-hydrotestosterone (DHT) is a major cause of (hereditary) hair loss. DHT damages hair follicles that are sensitive to DHT, causing them to produce less and less and thinner hair. In addition, several ingredients decrease inflammation and increase blood flow to the hair. Both factors contribute to less hair loss and more hair growth.

  • Ecklonia cava is a seaweed from the waters of South Korea. Ecklonia cava is a natural alternative to Finasteride and Minoxidil. It contains a high concentration of the substance Dieckol which is DHT-lowering and a high concentration of Dioxinodehydroeckol which stimulates hair growth (also for beard growth).
  • Raspberry ketone is a powerful raspberry extract. Studies show that it can increase the production of IGF-1 (a growth factor). A small amount of Raspberry ketone can have a significant positive effect on hair growth.
  • Carthamus tinctorius stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss. It has been found to reduce growth factor B-1, which is a peptide associated with hair loss.
  • Sanguisorba officinalis suppresses growth factor FGF-5. This growth factor can cause hair to transition too quickly from the growth phase to re resting phase. Thus, when it is reduced, the hair remains in the growth phase longer.
  • Grape seed extract (Proanthocyanidin B2): a polyphenol from grape seeds. It stimulates the extension of the growth phase, which ensures longer hair and higher density of hair.
  • Trigonella foenum-graecum has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. This also makes it effective against dandruff.
  • EGCG:is an extract derived from Green Tea. This extract is a 5a-reductase inhibitor and thus and DHT inhibitor.

Effective absorption into the scalp

Hyaluronic Acid and Liposomes help to transport the ingredients from the scalp to the hair follicles. By promoting absorption, the lotion is more effective.

Clinical test
Neofollics lotion has been clinically tested among subjects with hereditary hair loss. These subjects used the lotion for 3 months and applied it twice daily.

After these 3 months, the effect on hair growth and hair loss was evaluated according to the scientifically validated methods also used in evaluations of Minoxidil. Of the total group of subjects, 75% experienced an increase in hair growth. For 76%, there was a reduction in hair loss. The combined effect was observed in 59% of users: both a stimulation of hair growth and a reduction in hair loss. Overall, 92% of users saw an improvement. Only 8% experienced no visible effect.

A study measured the effect of Neofollics lotion on the growth of human dermal papilla cells (HDPCs). HDPCs are important for the blood supply of all hair follicles. In doing so, they provide oxygen and nutrients for each hair to grow optimally. In addition, dermal papillae can provide induction of hair growth and play an important role in hair pigmentation.

This makes HDPCs an important indicator of hair growth. This study showed that the Neofollics lotion caused a 96.8% increase in cell growth. It indicated that the Neofollics lotion significantly promotes cell multiplication in human dermal papilla cells and thus, hair growth.

Neofollics vs minoxidil

For comparison, the effect of Minoxidil was also measured in the left column and showed an increase of only 68.3% in cell growth. The Neofollics lotion has a + 41% higher value than minoxidil. This study shows that the Neofollics lotion is superior to minoxidil.

User guide

Apply prescribed amount of lotion to scalp where hair is thinning:

Crown: 3 sprays
Top: 3 sprays
Coves: 2 sprays each

Rub the lotion in well and let it soak in. Do not wash hair within 3 hours of treatment. Use of styling products is possible after the lotion is absorbed.
Perform the treatment twice a day for best results, preferably in the morning and evening.
The lotion comes with a capacity of 90 ml instead of the usual 60 ml. The rationale behind this is that some of the lotion is always lost during application in the hair, therefore Neofollics has given an extra high content so that you are sure to have enough for maximum results for a month of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect to see results?
Results can be seen as early as 3 months, with the effect increasing up to 6-12 months after starting treatment.

Is Neofollics lotion suitable for long hair?
The new formulation of Neofollics we sell is much more pleasant to use than before. It is a transparent lotion that is absorbed within seconds, leaves no residue and does not make the hair greasy. Because of these properties, this lotion is also very suitable for use by people with long hair.

Is Neofollics lotion suitable for female, hormonal, hair loss?
Yes, Neofollics lotion is suitable for all forms of hair loss. So the powerful formula also works well against hormonal hair loss. Because the improved lotion is now more user-friendly for people with long hair, it has also become much more suitable for women (and men with long hair).

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